Hairstyle Trends Inspired by Instagram Models

There are cases when all you want is a cozy haircut or hairstyle that looks both fashionable and beautiful. Today we’ll take a look at the attest hairstyle trends that are popular among Instagram models and fashionistas. The majority of female celebrities always keep up with the trendiest hairstyle ideas and some of them often change up their looks with the help of new haircuts and styles. Even the simplest hairstyle transformation can totally refresh your look and style. So, choose one of these lovely hairdos for these hot summer days.

Pinned Hairstyles

Our simplest and most minimalists beauty tools have become the biggest fashion trends. We do love those tinny bobby pins that help us to get rid of annoying strands as well as beautify simple hairstyles. Nowadays, they are used for side swept or half-updo hairstyles. Anyone can reach a stunning hairdo by bobby pins. Just place them asymmetrically or in geometrical shapes on one side of your head and there you go with a fancy look. We have seen many celebrities rocking this youthful and interesting style. It is prom-ready and looks quite festive paired with waves and curls. Women with short haircuts can also use it to add a feminine touch to their locks.

Twisted Hairstyles

There a number of twisted hairstyle ideas combined with trendy braids and accessories. Use your own fantasy to reach fashionable twisted hairstyles. There are cool twisted ponytails that have come to replace dull and old-fashioned ponytails. There are also girlish twisted pigtails and many updo hairstyles. Just remember the lovely banana twist. All these retro inspired hairstyles are back with modern touches and we are glad to see them on Instagram.

Layered Bob

Bobs continue amuse us with their versatility and this time we see shaggy and messy bobs achieved with the help of layers. Next time you decide on a short haircut, opt for the layered bob. It gives you many more hair styling opportunities and adds more volume to your locks. You can add highlights all over your layers and change up your look according to your age. Layered bobs also allow you to play with different stylish bangs.Rose Gold Hair

Perhaps the most exquisite hair color on the rich palette is the lovely rose gold. This shade continues to be one of the most fashionable hair colors at salons. Many IG models wear rose gold hair to draw more attention. It makes hair shinier and more attractive. If your hair is slightly wavy, then the result will be gorgeous. Try to match it with naturally light hair.Accessorized Hairstyles

When we say accessorized, we mean large and eye-catching accessories that make hairdos luxurious. Those are festive hair clips and headbands used both for special events and in casual life. Each can choose accessories suitable for their hair type and style. Just make sure you look at some of the trendiest looks on IG before styling your hair with large accessories.

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